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My Work with Adults

The person-centred therapy I offer means I will collaborate with you to focus on the areas of your life that you would like to change. Together we will explore your life experiences and find ways that you can become more aware of different aspects of yourself and of the person you would like to become.

I have experience working in many different areas including but not limited to transgender clients, generalised anxiety, sexual abuse and depression.

Photo of a table with postcards showing various images and a magnifying glass
Photo of a table with shells, a silver cord, keys and postcards

Our sessions will follow a pace that is comfortable for you, giving you the autonomy to connect to your own words, feelings and thought processes. Together as part of our therapeutic relationship, we can then work towards changes that you would like to make and explore your past experiences and how these may have impacted you.

Creativity can also be an important part of my work with adults. If you wish, we can use this approach to support you with your self-expression in our sessions together.

I also offer couples counselling to couples  who are in need of support with communication, resolution of difficulties within the relationship  and understanding each others  perspective.

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Photo of a table with a varied collection of objects such as shells, stones, a gemstone tree, postcards and drawing equipment
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