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About Me

As a fully qualified and BACP registered Person-Centred Psychotherapist it is important to me to empower you and to treat you with equality in my work.


With an MA in Person-Centred Psychotherapy specialising in working with children and young people, a BA (Hons) degree in Creative, Expressive, Therapies and over 20 years of experience working therapeutically with diverse populations of children and young people I can offer a flexible and creative approach to my work with clients of any age.

I have experience providing therapeutic support for children, young people and adults in both education and healthcare settings. I can therefore offer you, and my younger clients, a flexible and experienced approach to counselling and psychotherapy.

More recently, I have provided a counselling service for students who have been excluded from mainstream education and also within a charity which specialises in providing psychotherapy for children and young people who have been sexually abused. This has further developed my work and provided me with more experience that I can bring to our sessions together.

Creativity is central to my approach

Our sessions will be led by you

As a Person-Centred Psychotherapist, I believe that we all have the capacity to develop ourselves through facilitative, empathic communication and expression. I will invite this into our therapy sessions in a variety of ways, including the use of arts, movement and conversation.

Our sessions will be led by you, allowing you to explore aspects of yourself within a safe and supportive environment.

My previous experience includes working with adults who are neurodivergent, those from marginalised groups and those who have mental/physical differences. This means I have seen Person-Centred Psychotherapy facilitate healing, growth and change across the lifespan and with a diverse range of clients. I would now like to offer this to you.

I am currently offering face-to-face, online and telephone sessions. Please contact me if you would like to arrange a session.

Person-Centred Therapy

I have created this video to explain a little more about how I work.

Kim Lewin Counselling and Psychotherapy

Kim Lewin Counselling and Psychotherapy

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Video Transcript

Person-Centred Therapy is about creating a safe supportive relationship without being judged. Together we can explore the areas of your life that feel important to you. 

Thinking about how you have become who you are and what areas you would like support in changing. I use the creative arts to help with this process, I incorporate learning about your body and nervous system which helps with areas such as anxiety, intrusive thoughts and dissociation. The creative arts can empower you to explore areas where words are not enough and can also be part of your journey in Processing trauma memories safely.

Body focused techniques such as stretching, breathing and sensory objects are useful in creating a sense of security in your body and re-connecting with your self when living with anxiety.

If you are a child or young person the creative arts and movement during session give you a wide selection of communication tools that can help you to express yourself and not feel under so much pressure to know how to process your feelings in to words.

This way of working can be useful to you if you are neurodiverse, have complex trauma or simply enjoy using the arts and creativity as part of your daily life.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

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